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Stylistic Devices in an Article

No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore

  • By Steven Erlanger, Nov. 4, 2017
stylistic deviceexamplefunction/effect
metaphor (or simile)l. 1 f.: “see their country as a brave galleon”better understanding of a statement; express a comparison
enumerationl. 1 f.: “bravegalleon banners waving, cannons firing, trumpets blaring”getting a better picture of it
repetitionl. 13: “… for its pragmatism, its common sense, its political stability …”; l. 22 ff.: “After Brexit, no one is trying to help now. They’ve given up. Nobody on the Continent really cares that much about Britain anymore.”; l. 19 and 27: “controlled suicide”drawing attention
personificationl. 26 f.: “… Brexit is a controlled suicide.”better imagination
rethorical questionl. 20: “… how much worse can it get?”make readers think about it
hyperbolel. 17 f.: “… full-blown identity crises.”reinforce, extreme, dramatic