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Scottish independence could Britain break up (list

Scottish Independence: Could Britain Break Up? (listening comprehension)

1 Why might Scottish independence have larger consequences?

  • Britain gets even more weaker
  • Most of Exports goes to Britain -> results in land borders
  • financial support by Britain -> tax increases



4 James VI = James I? How Ist that Possible?

10 When and how did Scotland get its own parliament?

  • in 1979 with a vote

14 How close was the 2011 referendum?

  • 55 to 45 percent

15 How did Scottish people react to Brexit?

  • they were against (around 63 percent against)
  • they cannot see any advantages of Brexit

16 Which economic consequences would independence have?

  • there then would be a border between Britain and Scottland

17 What is the Problem with a New Referendum?