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Präsentation über einen Film/Serie


  1. In your presentation you must:
    • give a short general introduction of the film/series (genre, theme, premise and main plot)
    • analyze a short scene in terms of the use of cinematic devices and their effect
    • justify that the film / series relates to our semester topic by explaining how it addresses at least one of the key questions (from the A-Heft):
      • Perpetrator and victim: Nature or nurture – what makes people commit crimes? What are the consequences for victims?
      • How does a society define crime, and how does society deal with crime and punishment?
      • From tough on crime policies (e.g. zero tolerance, mass incarceration, three strikes and you’re out, Stand your ground laws etc.) to rehabilitation and restorative justice (Truth and Reconciliation Committee, victim-offender mediation etc.): what is a “just punishment”?
      • When and how could it ever be justified to break a law?
      • Why are we so fascinated by crime?
    • explain why you like this film/series and why others should watch it
    • speak freely and cite any additional sources you may use


The Alienist

  • Addresses the first question: What makes people commit crimes? and What are the consequences for victims?