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  1. Your friend Rachel from London is a true fan of the original Sherlock Holmes stories but has never seen the modernized BBC series. “A Scandal in Bohemia” is her favorite Sherlock Holmes Story. She is unsure whether to watch it adapted to film or not and has asked you for your opinion. You have found the article by Katharina Riehl and want to summarize its main points for Rachel. In addition, you want to tell her about you r own opinion of the episode “A Scandal Belgravia” and the changes that have been made to the original material.

    Write an email to Rachel (about 350 words). first summarize the main points from the article in English. Then explain your own opinion and give Rachel advice.


Aufgabe 1

Hi Rachel,

just watched the film adaptation of „A Scandal in Bohemia”, which is quite different to the original. I also found an interesting article about Sherlock Holmes in another mini-series. The article is written in German, so here is a quick sum up:

The article discusses the modernization of the character Sherlock Holmes in the BBC miniseries. In this adaptation, Sherlock is portrayed as a hyperactive, sexually unassessable, and digitally proficient genius. The show successfully integrates the concept of a digital genius into the plot, which goes beyond just having Dr. Watson blog about their adventures. The three episodes are filmed in a way that looks like movies similar to “Minority Report” and other Tom Cruise blockbusters.

While staying true to the core elements of the original narrative, the adaptation adds contemporary elements, technology, and a new perspective to the characters and their interactions. The protagonists and antagonists are reimagined in a way that offers a new layer of intrigue and complexity to their relationships. Irene Adler for example is reimagined as a dominatrix and tech-savvy character.

Now my answer to whether you should watch it: If you would like a modernization of the original story, then the film adaptation could be nice. If you would rather like a one to one adaptation then you’ll not find what you are looking for with this adaptation. Though it’s different from the original, I think you might find this modernized version interesting. It adds new layers to the classic tales. If you want to very stick to the original, you may be taken aback by these changes, I found them to be a refreshing take on the classic Sherlock Holmes tales, and I think you might enjoy experiencing this modernized version of her favorite story.

Best regards! …