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  1. Read the Sherlock Holmes story “A Scandal in Bohemia” closely. (I’ve attached the PDF for you here). Work in your group of four and prepare detailed notes about your character.
  2. Imagine you’ve been chosen as one of the directors for a 2023 film adaptation of “A Scandal in Bohemia”. You already have several amazing ideas for your film and want to pitch them to the other directors.
    1. Prepare a 3-5 minute pitch talk covering your ideas for
      • aspects of the original story that should be left out, emphasized or changed in order for the film to appeal to modern audiences
      • possible filming locations for different scenes and why they are suitable (photos might be helpful)
      • a fitting title for the film that will motivate a large audience to see it
    2. Select an actor/actress to play the character you focused on in task 1.
      • note down arguments why you’d like to cast this person.
      • find photos of the person to show the other directors
      • find photos of (or draw) outfits, hairstyles and accessories you imagine the actor/actress wearing in the film in order to convey how you’d like to portray them.


1.1 Irene Adler

  • Born in 1858, in New Jersey
  • Former relationship with Wilhelm von Ornstein
  • Primadonna at the Imperial Opera of Warsaw
  • Retired from the opera stage
  • Currently lives in London
  • “The cutest thing with a bonnet on the planet”
  • sings at concerts
  • leads a quiet life
  • married with Mr. Godfrey Norton, who is a coachman and lawyer
  • has no children
  • lives at Briony Lodge
  • very determined (entschlossen) and smart person
  • For Sherlock Holmes she is always just the woman
  • The woman makes a lasting impression on Holmes


Changing the story for modern audiences

  • Emphasizing Female Empowerment and less sexism

Filming locations

London: We must capture the timeless charm of Victorian-era London. Iconic locations like Baker Street, and Irenes home called „Briony Lodge” will serve as a backdrop for key scenes, which emphasizes the historical ambiance of the story.

Prague, Czech Republic: To bring the Bohemian setting to life, we can shoot some scenes in Prague. Its architecture and winding cobblestone streets will provide a perfect contrast to London, highlighting the Bohemian culture.

A Modern Opera House: For the climactic scene at the opera, we’ll need a modern, opulent opera house that contrasts with the period setting. I propose a famous opera house to emphasize Irene Adler’s role as a former primadonna, for example the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, with their unique architectural design.


Sherlock’s stroke of fate (Schicksalsschlag)


Gal Gadot

In other movies (for example “Red Notice”), she is portrayed as a smart, confident and independent woman which reflects to the character in Sherlock Holmes Irene Adler. Her facial expressions radiate superiority.