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A written comment expresses your personal opinion on a certain topic or issue. It is a common means used in print media in order to present one’s opinion to the readership in a more or less critical way Take some notes first, and structure your thoughts systematically before starting to write


  • Make some introductory remarks in which you raise a question, refer to a current problem, etc
  • The introduction should clarify your topic/concern.

Main part

  • State, demonstrate and describe the positive and negative effects of a topic/situation
  • Support your view of the situation by giving examples. You can, for example, refer to or quote famous people or experts on this matter, or relate your view to other comparable issues.
  • Emphasize the argument by referring to further/future consequences.


  • Conclude your comment by giving your personal view of the situation/problem
  • Strategically, it is smart to relate your final remarks to your introduction in order to finally “wrap up the topic and make your point.