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  1. After a long day of work, Police Officer Cameron sits down at his desk and writes a report about the strange arrest he and his colleagues made today. Put yourself in his place and compile his report:
    • Outline the facts of the case in a neutral tone.
    • Summarize and describe the evidence found at the crime scene.
    • Describe the character of the murderer you arrested based on your first impression.
    • Add a personal conclusion that assesses the case, the murderer and his possible motive.


Police Report

Summary of Facts

On September 4, 2023, at approximately 22 pm, officers from our department responded to a report of a suspicious incident. A neighbor had reported hearing a shriek, whereupon he suspected foul play. The suspect showed erratic and irrational behavior during the investigation. He claimed that the scream came from him in a bad dream and that the victim was not in the house, although eventually the dismembered body of the victim was found in the bedroom.

The suspect showed signs of panic, paranoia and extreme nervousness, which raised doubts about his possible involvement in the crime. Due to his panic and paranoia, the suspect uncovered the body parts and confessed to the murder. The victim was hidden under three floorboards of the bedroom floor. The head, arms and legs were separated from the torso.

The motive for this horrific act remains unclear, as the suspect has not provided any plausible explanation for his actions.